New Years Eve!

New Years Eve!



Well tonight is the night. It’s the night that millions of people will celebrate the end of a year. 365 days of a life they are putting in the past and looking forward to a clean empty page of tomorrow...2018

With that being said I just want to Thank You, each and everyone of you who have not only supported my little dream of giving our community a cute little contemporary place to shop, but also supporting all the women who work here as well. Not only are you getting great affordable clothing but your supporting someone’s schooling, someone’s day care, someone’s day to day ability to live and support themselves and or their family! 

Thank you for a great 2017 and thank you for stopping in to browse, just say Hi! Or even making a purchase! When we say Hello, Thank You, and See You Next time when genuinely mean it from the bottom of our hearts! 

So go out tonight, be safe, kiss that special someone at midnight! 

Cheers to a Great Year


Thank You



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