Collection: The CAEP (phone accessories)

The CAEP (phone accessories)


When a German visits old Cape Cod…

Corinna, born and raised in Germany, settled into Cape Cod shortly after the pandemic hit with her husband and two kids.

The pandemic came with so much unknown, but one thing was for sure for the German entrepreneur: the need for THE CÆP. Corinna's dream business allowed for hands free phone-wear that would help to avoid the dropping or losing of phones. In an impossible year to imagine starting a business, she brought this dream to life. Starting the business from the craziness of her in-laws home, she designed the products and hand made beaded crossbody straps and wristlets all while caring for two toddlers and managing the craziness of what was 2020.

CÆP phone-wear is not only practical, but allows you to get your phone out of your hand without worrying where it might go. This allowed Corinna to disconnect and focus on what mattered to her most during the first year of starting THE CÆP. One year later, filled with support and growth, Corinna moved out of her bedroom office, into her first office space bringing her dream business from an idea to a lifestyle.