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Phone Wristlets (the Caep)

Phone Wristlets (the Caep)

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Phone Wristlets (the Caep) DON'T FORGET THE DETACH HOOK!


Keep your phone protected and adorned with this adorable handmade charm/wristlet.

Handmade in Chatham, MA. If you love neutral tones, this Dinghy is for you!

The Cozy Dinghy comes with brown and neutral shaded beads. Some beads might have slightly different shapes or coloring.

The Dinghy attaches and detaches with two high quality brass swivel snaps and is compatible with our clear cases or detach cases. 

Length of the Dinghy is about 15-17 inches.

Please note:

The Dinghy is only compatible with THE CÆP's phone cases and won't attach to any other phone case.

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